About Me

I am a UK Photographer based near Chichester, West Sussex.

For me art and creativity have always been close to my core.

My love of art began from an early age, always having paints, clay or paper and pencil close to hand. I studied art and design through college to A-level. It was here at college in the early 90’s where my fascination for Photography started with a Nikon F2 Film camera I “borrowed” from my father. It had a broken light meter. I learnt to work around this and get a true feel for how lighting and camera settings worked together without relying on technology. In this now digital age the technical side is far advanced from where I began, however the basics remain true. Creativity is endless and from the heart, the camera is my tool of choice to eternalize this creativity.


My background is in engineering and design always having a need for the creative side.


Through my photography, I have been fortunate to work throughout the U.K. and Europe.


I specialize in Automotive and Portrait photography. I am also frequently involved with Architectural, Aviation and Marine projects. I work with many collectors, professionals families and individuals. My work is my passion be it outdoors on location or in the studio.

The people I meet bring personality to my work. To see them smile when they see the final image, well, that’s priceless, it makes it all worth while.


For more of my work and some behind the scenes action follow me on Instagram: www.instagram.com/vivid_life_studio/  or

Facebook: James Gambs Photography - Home | Facebook

Thank you for taking the time to look at my site, I hope we can work together sometime soon.




To quote Ansel Adams: “There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.”

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